irish dancing origins

The True Meaning Of Irish Dancing Has Been Revealed

September 28, 2015

We all know the unique style of Irish Dance has conquered the world. But where and how did Irish Dance originate? The energy and rhythm in Irish Dance is elemental and affects people at their root. But, according to the theory in this video, that driving force is even more basic than we thought…   […]

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No Sign Of Mrs. Doyle As Lidl Breaks The World Tea Pouring Record

September 24, 2015

The world record for pouring tea was smashed by a group of 12 at the National Ploughing Championship. No word from Mrs. Doyle on her feelings at being left out. A team of 12 people from Lidl made 1,848 cuppas in 60 minutes – beating the previous record by 240 cups. The volunteers had to […]

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maps of ireland and the uk

Do You Know Where Ireland or England Are? On A Map Of Ireland and The UK?

September 22, 2015

Identifying countries can be tricky. After all it’s a big world. But what about identifying Ireland and the UK on a map that contains only Ireland and the UK? Could Americans do it? Sadly we all know the answer before we even watch the video… (Just please don’t ask us to identify the individual states […]

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Mark Hamill pulling pints

Jedi Master Mark Hamill Proves To Be A Master Pint Puller in Kerry

September 18, 2015

It’s not everyday that a Jedi master pulls you a pint but it happened for locals of a small pub in Co. Kerry. Luke Skywalker himself was filmed having a great time in a Kerry pub. Star Wars VII: The force Awakens filmed on Skellig Michael last year and they crew returned this month to […]

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discussing the differences between irish and American English

American English Vs. Irish English. This Hilarious Video Explains The Difference

September 11, 2015

We know that English is not English. But what are the differences between Irish English and American English? Let These Two Show You… The video was made by language app Smigin and features two of their employees; Austin from California and Saoirse from Ireland. I’m guessing it makes a lot more sense to Irish people […]

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the farmers calendar

Want To See 12 Months Of Topless Irish Farmers? This Is For You!

September 11, 2015

The end of the year is coming up rapidly. As such it’s time to start thinking about next years topless farmers. And that means The Irish Farmers Calendar. This is the 7th year that farmers around Ireland have shown off their physiques for charity; a percentage of the proceeds goes to Bothar – sending livestock […]

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mr Spock surprised at learning about the leaving cert

Irish Students Are Being Taught Incorrect Facts About Star Trek For Leaving Cert!

September 8, 2015

The Leaving Certificate is a serious exam. It decides the ability of students to go to university or not. So when it teaches incorrect facts – about Mr. Spock no less – it’s going to raise concerns. The issue was spotted by David McCullagh who broadcast the shocking misinformation to the world on Twitter… I […]

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enjoying Ferrari word in Abu Dhabi

Is This Cork Man Decent Or What?

August 19, 2015

One Cork man travelled to Dubai for business. What he did there helped make the day of a hard-working Indian taxi driver. Liam Murphy from Blarney in Co. Cork works with EMC. He was travelling alone to Dubai for a few days for work. While there he decided to visit Ferrari World theme park in […]

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a red head who might be at the international red head festival

The 2015 Redhead Convention Takes Place Next Weekend.

August 14, 2015

Are you a redhead? It’s not too late to join in the annual redhead convention which is taking place in Crosshaven, Co. Cork next weekend. The convention which was founded by Joleen Cronin and her brother Denis five years ago started as a joke in the siblings family pub and succeeded to becoming a gathering […]

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Argentinian joins an Irish dancing trio

Watch This Argentinian Get Carried Away As 3 Lads Irish Dance Across The World

August 10, 2015

3 Irish lads decided to Irish Dance their way around the world. And at least one Argentinian was so impressed he HAD to take part! These 3 lads are not professional dancers but they’ve obviously got great neck as they spent a year travelling the world and did an Irish dance in each country. Now […]

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