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view of the bed in the Guinness gravity bar

Tonight Someone Is Sleeping In The Guinness Gravity Bar

It’s Europe’s most popular tourist destination, but tonight only, someone will actually sleep in the Guinness Gravity Bar in Dublin. The iconic glass bar at the top of the Guinness Experience in Dublin is usually a place for crowds of people to try a real Guinness. But staying there overnight is not an option, no…

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No Sign Of Mrs. Doyle As Lidl Breaks The World Tea Pouring Record

The world record for pouring tea was smashed by a group of 12 at the National Ploughing Championship. No word from Mrs. Doyle on her feelings at being left out. A team of 12 people from Lidl made 1,848 cuppas in 60 minutes – beating the previous record by 240 cups. The volunteers had to…

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guinness gravity bar dublin

Europe’s Leading Tourist Destination Is In Ireland.

The World Travel Awards were presented in Sardinia last weekend. And Guinness Storehouse in Dublin took home the title of “Leading European Tourist Destination” beating The Eiffel Tower, The Acropolis and Buckingham Palace. The World Travel Awards are the premier awards in the tourism industry. They select the best tourist services and destinations across the…

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a guinness a day

Guinness Really Is Good For You

We all knew (or at least wished) it. But now scientists in Wisconsin have proven it – Guinness is Good For You. It can even help prevent heart- attacks. Researchers at the Universtity of Wisconsin tested the health-giving properties of stout by giving it to dogs who had narrowed arteries similar to those in heart…

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