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a dolphin on a beach

Stranded Dolphins Escape Kerry Beach.

A pod of stranded Dolphins were helped back out to sea thanks to the efforts of a Kerry community. The dolphins were noticed near the entrance of Cloghane Estuary. A rescue attempt was co-ordinated by Dingle Ocean World. It involved dozens of members of the local community and took 4 hours. Thankfully the dolphins are…

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Murmuring Starlings capture over the Shannon

Birds Dance In The Sky Over The Shannon. Stunning Video!

A Leitrim woman caught on camera on of the great events of nature as Starlings danced in the sky over the river Shannon. The flocking process is technically know as a murmuring and can involve thousands of birds. No-one knows why the Starlings behave like this but it makes for one awe-inspiring show.

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part of Europe's largest reef

Europe’s Largest Reef Turns Up In Waterford!

A reef is big. Usually they’re hard to overlook but now Europe’s biggest honeycomb reef has turned up in Waterford. Until now the largest had been thought to be in Brittany. But it seems that was just an oversight and now the record books can be put straight. As part of the 2015 Biodiversity Week,…

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