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A Tizzy Of Fairy Doors Has Been Seen In Dromkeen Woods

Dromkeen Woods in Inishannon has seen the arrival of a ‘Tizzy’ of Fairies in recent days. Children from the area have been spotting the doors to their homes in the base of trees.

The new Fairy Village is a project of the local Tidy Towns committee and local carpenter Jimmy McCarthy. He designed and built 20 colourful doors to fit into the base of individual trees.

“These are gorgeous old mossy trees, and the little doors fit right into holes in the bases, so they look absolutely beautiful,” according to Tidy Towns Committee member and best-selling author of “To School Through The Fields”, Alice Taylor.

fairy door against tree

In addition to the attraction of the doors themselves new paths, steps, and hand-rails have been installed to improve public access.

A large table-stone in the centre of the woods also makes for a great communal picnic area.

Visiting children now eagerly search out the colourful little red, yellow and blue doors — some of which are not immediately visible.

cork fairy woods door

“The children are mad to go and search for the fairy doors now — the doors have helped make the wood even more attractive for the children and their families,” said Ms Taylor.

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