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Santa’s Irish Elf

Aoife was born in the green landscape of Ireland but today she works as one of Santa’s most trusted elves in the white snow of the North Pole.

Many people assume that the only elves at the North Pole were all born there. But elves from all over the world come to help Santa. And Aoife from Ireland is particularly important.

She is one of Santa’s most trusted advisors and takes all the messages, drawing and present lists from children around the world. It is her job to make sure Santa knows what every child wants for Christmas. Not only that but she has to make sure the other elves know just how many of each toy to make. And that they put the right childs name on it.

It’s a big job. But Aoife is very good at it.

Aoife the Elf chats to another child at

One of Aoife’s proudest achievements is setting up This is the website where she talks to all the children and takes their requests to pass on to Santa. Because she knows so much about computers and the internet Aoife was in charge of this.

She also told Santa about BUMBLEance, a group of people helping very sick children in Ireland. Very sick children spend a lot of time in ambulances, which are not very nice places. BUMBLEance is building ambulances just for children which are nicer than the big ones and make things a little easier.

Our aim is to distract, comfort and entertain Ireland’s youngest and most critically ill patients as they travel to and from hospitals and paediatric treatment centres nationwide.


Aoife told Santa about them and they agreed that they would love to help. But, because money is not used in the North Pole they could not give any. So they decided that any child who makes a small donation to BUMBLEance will get regular updates from Santa telling them how the elves are getting on in making their present.

It’s very exciting and Aoife says the excitement of each child when they get the different emails is only matched by that of Santa himself when he sends them.

The elves start making toys around the start of December and Aoife chats to the children until the 20th. After that there is too much to do. So any child who wants to know how their present is being made should go to before then.

Santa reading a message that Aoife took for him.

Aoife started working at the North Pole a long time ago. But she doesn’t spend all her time there. When Christmas is over she moves back to Ireland to spend time with her family and friends.

She says she does miss spending Christmas Day itself with her family in Ireland but the big feast and celebration that happens in the North Pole is like nothing else in the world.

She also likes to travel and every year during the summer she will spend some time visiting a new country or two. Because elves from around the world help Santa she has friends everywhere who can show her around.

Aoife has one of the most important jobs in the world and, like all the elves working with Santa, she works very hard to make sure everything is right for Christmas Day. But she loves her job and says she wouldn’t ever want another.

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