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BeoirFest Brings Beer Festivals Online

BeoirFest (from the Irish word for Beer) is an online beer festival designed not for “beer geeks” but for the casual beer drinker.

The number of independent craft brewers in Ireland have grown rapidly in the last 15 years but most are small and struggle to get their story out to the wider market. At the same time that casual beer drinker is interested in the stories behind their beer. BeoirFest is intended as a way to let these two groups meet.

BeoirFest is designed to appeal to the casual beer fan, the type of person who likes quality but doesn’t necessarily know the in’s and out’s of each beer type. Someone willing to try new beers when they come across one and are interested in the story behind the brewers.

BeoirFest uses a new interactive platform to give each brewer their own booth where they can chat to visitors, show them the brewery, describe their beers, and of course tell their story.

Visitors to BeoirFest can easily wander between these booths at their own pace, lingering when they want. They can also move to the entertainment areas just as easily.

While brewers can describe the inspiration behind their beers and what makes them unique, the organiser Brian O’Connell is emphatic that this is no drinking session, “Visitors can pick up one or two beers in advance of the event if they think they look interesting but the tastings will be taking place in the individual brewers booths and there is no encouragement or structure for people to sit in front of the PC for 4 hours drinking along. Instead the focus is on the brewers and their stories.”

In addition to the brewers there are also tours and comedy.

Mia Tobin from, a specialist tour agency for more than 10 years will be leading tours to the different booths and using the opportunity to highlight some of the sights and history surrounding each.

And Danny O’Brien and Damian Clark, two of Irelands leading stand-ups (and award winners at Edinburgh Fringe) will have a slot for their unique anarchic brand of fun.

BeoirFest features 8 breweries, 2 comedians and a tour guide.

And every attendee is entered into a draw to win 2 nights accommodation for 2 on the Dingle Peninsula, courtesy of West Kerry Brewery.

“Ireland’s craft beer scene has grown rapidly in a short time,” said Brian O’Connell. “Behind each one is a unique story, one that rarely gets told beyond the craft beer scene. Being able to tell their story and inspire customers and future brewers is something those participating are excited about.”

Tickets are available now from and cost just €1. The event will take place on June 28.

The brewers taking part include;

Brú Brewery from Co. Meath

Galway Hooker from Galway

Dungarvan Brewing Company from Waterford

12 Acres Brewing from Laois

Western Herd from Clare

Hopfully Brewing from Dublin

Reel Deel Brewing from Mayo

West Kerry Brewery from Dingle

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