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Defence Forces Accuse Aldi Of Endangering National Security

In a shock statement the senior command of the Irish Defence Forces have accused Aldi of putting national security at risk by poaching experienced senior officers.

Experienced officers are in demand amongst private companies because of their leadership, organisational and management skills. As a result of the demand amongst Aldi and other private companies more than 100 officers have left the forces in the last 2 years.

The bomb disposal squad is at half strength while the air force has only 70% of the personnel it needs.

“This continual loss of organisational corporate memory and specialist knowledge is a matter which requires immediate attention,” according to Commandant Earnán Naughton. He said investment required to deliver complex military capability requires human expertise to meet the broad spectrum of an increasingly technologically driven security environment.

“Retention of this expertise is undoubtedly the most cost-effective model relative to the continued replacement of organisation professionals.”

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