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Can You Use A Tea Bag? Would You Give These Poor Eejits A Hand?

Tea bags seem to be the simplest thing. But for some people it turns out the concept is hard to grasp.

A surprising number of people have reported on Twitter that they spent years using them incorrectly. Putting them in a cup and pouring water over them was just too confusing an idea.

So what are these poor souls doing? I’ll let them tell you themselves…

These are bad enough but seem to be short-term learning difficulties. The worst is this guy who has been doing it for 8 Years!

According to his own story it only stopped

today, when i was drinking tea at my girlfriends house and both her and her parents saw me and proceeded to laugh their assses off.

Now this raises one important question which any Irish person will find hard to fathom; how did no-one notice?.

What sort of place does he live that he neither saw other people drinking tea nor drank tea in front of other people? For 8 years?

Yes, the world is a stranger place than we can imagine. And a lot of people need help. Please give a little of your time, it will help a lot!

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