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Coast Guard Rescues Rescuers Rescuing A Bullock. Bullock Dies.

A bullock got stranded down in Ballybunion requiring eight Ballybunion Sea and Cliff Rescue members to go and save it. Only four fit in a boat so it had to make two trips.

After the second trip the rescue boat had engine trouble and had to return to base, leaving 5 members behind with the bullock.

Three other emergency services were alerted and it was the Shannon helicopter that rushed to the area to save the 5 people who the Ballybunion Sea and Cliff Rescue insist were very safe, sitting on dry land and “wearing dry-suits, lifejackets, helmets and full personal protective equipment.”

The 5 Rescuers were rescued but according to The Kerryman in a one-line epitaph;

The bullock was later put down due to its injuries

We have a suspicion that someone had been watching Speed and had Sandra Bullock on their mind when the original call came in!


Sandra bullock

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