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Whiskey Helps Ireland Become The Best Travel Experience In Europe

Trip Advisor, as you probably know, is one of the busiest travel websites in the world. This gives it a unique view on the pulse of how people travel, what they look for and what they think. After an analysis of their millions of reviews they have just published a report on the worlds best travel experiences. And Ireland is number 4.

The report showed that users gave Ireland an overall 4.57 ranking out of 5 stars. This ranks the country number 4 in the world and #1 in Europe

magnificent outdoors and vibrant culture

Ireland beat out competition from Scotland as the highest European showing. The complete top 5 were

  1. Costa Rica
  2. New Zealand
  3. Vietnam
  4. Ireland
  5. Scotland

TripAdvisor spokesperson Hayley Coleman said “Ireland’s ranking among countries like Costa Rica and New Zealand firmly cements the country, with its magnificent outdoors and vibrant culture, as a top destination for travel experiences.”

Among the experiences singled out by TripAdvisor were the Whiskey Tasting Tour of Dublin, the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour, and a Howth Peninsula Hiking Tour.

best country in Europe for travel experiences

This is of course not the first time Ireland has been among the top destinations. It regularly shows up among the top results for awards as wide ranging as the worlds best hotels to the sexiest men.


Welcome Results

Tourism Ireland welcomed the news of Ireland’s strong ranking in this instance. CEO Niall GIbbons said “I’m delighted to see that Ireland has been ranked the fourth best destination in the world for ‘travel experiences’.


“The findings are based on travelers’ own experiences on holidays here, so the inclusion of Ireland in this list is particularly good news – helping to give us ‘stand-out’ in a very competitive international marketplace. The great variety of things to see and do, activities and experiences is one of our unique selling points and makes Ireland such a great choice for a short break or holiday.”


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