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Irish Students Are Being Taught Incorrect Facts About Star Trek For Leaving Cert!

The Leaving Certificate is a serious exam. It decides the ability of students to go to university or not. So when it teaches incorrect facts – about Mr. Spock no less – it’s going to raise concerns.

The issue was spotted by David McCullagh who broadcast the shocking misinformation to the world on Twitter…

This one sentence manages to get two facts wrong…

  1. Mr. Spock was in Star Trek not Star Wars
  2. Mr. Spocks famous line was “Live Long and Prosper.” The line “It’s Life Jim, But Not As We Know It” was used by Bones.

You think that since Liam Neeson was in Star Wars the authors of the book would at least get the first fact right.

The English Leaving Certificate syllabus has been overhauled this year but this sort of shocking mistake raises questions about what else the students will be learning; Hitler won the 2nd World War?

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