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Is This Cork Man Decent Or What?

One Cork man travelled to Dubai for business. What he did there helped make the day of a hard-working Indian taxi driver.

Liam Murphy from Blarney in Co. Cork works with EMC. He was travelling alone to Dubai for a few days for work. While there he decided to visit Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi and took a taxi.

As any Irish man would he got chatting to the taxi driver along the way and got his whole life story. The Indian driver, Shakiha, had been driving a taxi in Dubai for 14 years and sending money back to his family. While he had driven to the theme park many times he had never been inside and waited outside for the fares to return.

But Liam thought this was not to be and, since he was travelling alone anyway, he figured some company would be nice for him as well. So he bought an extra ticket for Shakiha and they spent the day together.

Liam Miller and friend

As Liam put it he had “some craic with the hoore all day.”

“I bought him some pizza on the way home. He was delighted with the day out,” said the Cork man.

Some decent thing to do isn’t it?

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