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Letterkenny Is The Tidiest Town In Ireland

Letterkenny has been identified as the Tidiest Town in Ireland.

The Tidy Towns competition has been running since 1958 and Letterkenny has entered every year since 1959. This year 862 towns and villages entered

The competition is organised by the Irish Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government in order to honour the tidiest and most attractive cities, towns and villages in Ireland.

But this is not just a superficial competition. Entrants must complete modules including Overall Developmental Approach (5 Year Plan), The Built Environment, Landscaping, Wildlife & Natural Amenities, Litter Control, Tidiness, Waste Minimisation, Residential Areas, Roads and Streets & Back Areas.

Alan Kelly, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government presented the award to the Letterkenny Tidy Towns Committee and had this to say;

The enthusiasm of all those involved in the TidyTowns effort results in the attractive, well cared-for towns and villages we see throughout the country. How a community lives together, strives to involve all of its members and makes the most of their abilities and interests is integral to the ethos of TidyTowns.

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