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Lig Sé Téigh, Lig Sé Téigh

If you’ve children (and probably even if you don’t) you know the song Let it Go from Disney’s hit Frozen. As sung by one of the main characters, Elsa, it’s a Eurovision-worthy powerhouse that has spawned hundreds of YoutTube videos.

But have you heard it in Irish? By a 5 year old boy?

I thought not.

So here’s a young lad singing it for his family. He gives it his all – hand moves and all.

It’s an impressive performance.


Enjoy it? All together now…

Lig sé dul, a ligean dó dul

Tá mé ceann a bhfuil an ghaoth agus spéir

Lig sé dul, a ligean dó dul

Ní fheicfidh tú a fheiceáil dom caoin!

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