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Nun Rescued From Elevator

Two nuns spent 3 days praying to be rescued from an elevator in Rome. The two nuns – a 58-year old Irish woman and a 68 year old New Zealand woman – were visiting the Marist Sisters convent in Rome. They were the last two nuns to leave the convent for the weekend and a power outage caused the elevator they were in to get stuck.

There was nobody to hear their cries for help and neither had a mobile phone.

They later said they “prayed so much” for 3 nights. But it was only 3 days later when a cleaner heard them and raised the alarm.

Police arrived and rescued the women using special keys to unlock the elevator.

The two nuns are said to be in shock and were treated for dehydration but are otherwise unharmed.

Photo by Thomas Hawke. Licensed under Creative Commons

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