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Santa’s Irish Elf

Aoife was born in the green landscape of Ireland but today she works as one of Santa’s most trusted elves in the white snow of the North Pole. Many people assume that the only elves at the North Pole were all born there. But elves from all over the world come to help Santa. And…

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the easy way to peel a potato

Have You Ever Peeled A Potato As Easily As This? Fantastic Tip.

We don’t often give cooking advice here but this one just couldn’t be passed up. It’s involves potatoes. Here’s how to save a ton of time and end up with perfectly peeled potatoes. The secret revealed on YouTube is to actually cook them first. Yes we often cook potatoes with skins on them but peeling…

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Mark Hamill pulling pints

Jedi Master Mark Hamill Proves To Be A Master Pint Puller in Kerry

It’s not everyday that a Jedi master pulls you a pint but it happened for locals of a small pub in Co. Kerry. Luke Skywalker himself was filmed having a great time in a Kerry pub. Star Wars VII: The force Awakens filmed on Skellig Michael last year and they crew returned this month to…

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busking in Galway

3 Of The Worlds 4 Friendliest Cities Are In Ireland

Last week Condé Nast named Dublin the friendliest city in Europe. Now Travel + Leisure has gone farther and said that 3 of the four friendliest cities in the world are Irish. The magazine conducts annual “Best Of” surveys in annumber of categories and in the “Friendliest City” only Charleston, South Carolina prevented Ireland from…

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drone view of st. Patricks cathedral dublin

A Drone Flew Through St. Patricks Cathedral – And Made This Amazing Video

St. Patricks Cathedral is the largest church in Ireland. Hundreds of thousands visit it every year either for services or as tourists. But none have seen it like this drone has! The Church of Ireland Cathedral was founded in 1191. It is one of 2 Church of Ireland Cathedrals in Dublin and has a 43…

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a very important irish pub

A Survey By Pubs Says Pubs Are One Of The Most Important Tourist Attractions In Ireland

In a shock finding, a new survey by the pub owners of Ireland has revealed that pubs are the second most important tourist attraction for visitors to Ireland. The survey was carried out by marketing firm iReach interviewed 500 tourists from the USA, Germany, Canada, France and the UK. 57% said that culture and heritage…

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A Man Was Tasered For Trying To Bring A Man Purse To Belfast

You thought Ryanair were tough on luggage allowance? A man on an Easyjet flight was tasered when he insisted in bringing a man purse to Belfast. The incident leading to the man’s arrest happened on board an Easyjet flight waiting to depart from Gatwick to Belfast at just after 8am. Suffolk Police explained the incident:…

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The Worlds Best Hotel Is In Mayo. And That’s Official!

Ashford Castle in Co. Mayo has just been voted the world’s best hotel. And prices start at €850 per night., though the best experience costs over €2,600/night. Ashford Castle stands in a 350-acre resort in Cong, Co Mayo, and boasts not only a magnificently grand exterior and numerous luxurious rooms – and even a 32…

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Lugnaquilla in county wicklow

It’s Ireland But As You Rarely Imagine Her. See The Full Video

This is Ireland as you rarely imagine it. Flying above Lugnaquilla in winter the landscape is austere and mysterious with dramatic interplay of mist and light. This is one of a series by SkyCam Ireland. While their others are also well worth seeing they are taken in spring and summer. This stood out to me…

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text messages

When You See What This Man Did For A Stranger Your Faith In Humanity Will Be Restored

A Belfast woman contacted a seller in London about a NutriBullet blender he had advertised for sale. She wanted it for her mother who has advanced cancer. What happened next will totally restore your faith in humanity Cara Grace Duggan was looking for an expensive ‘pro’ version of the high performance juicer to hopefully help…

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