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The Angelus To Be Changed To Appeal To Non-Catholics

The ‘bongs’ at 6pm are a familiar sound to generations of Irish TV watchers. Now they are being overhauled to be more appealing to non-Catholics.

The Angelus was originally a literal call on TV to Catholics to pray. The sound of the bells has been broadcast on TV at 6pm for generations – to the bemusement of millions of visitors. In the 1990’s it was changed to a more contemplative minute. The religious imagery was replaced with images of people staring into the distance or stopping to think. But the bells remained as did the title.

Now RTE is looking at another change to make the moment more relevant to modern multi-cultural Ireland. They have asked for ideas that would appeal to those of other religions as well as atheists.

As part of the change the name “The Angelus” will change. However the “bongs” will remain.

There is no confirmed date for when the new version will begin.

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