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Cork Has The Best Street in Ireland And The UK According To British Academics

For the first time ever an Irish Street has won the prestigious title of Best Street in Ireland And UK. The title, awarded by the Academy Of Urbanism, was given overwhelmingly to Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork.

Oliver Plunkett Street is celebrating its 300th year and was awarded the title based on 7 criteria including Community, Amenity, and Local Character.

This is the 6th year the Academy has been judging this category and according to the judges Oliver Plunkett St had really “raised the bar” for the other finalists.

Geoff Haslam, lead assessor for the Academy of Urbanism said: “It’s fair to say that we have been overwhelmed by Oliver Plunkett St. It offers everything that we are looking for in a great street and more. We sometimes have to search for the DNA of a street, but Oliver Plunkett Street exudes it; it’s a vibrant living street and community, full of little surprises and it is clearly on an upward trajectory.”

In 2014 the Academy awarded Cork the title of Best Town in The UK and Ireland.

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