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These 5 Things Were Illegal In Ireland Until Yesterday. You’ll Never Believe Number 4!

I hope you haven’t been eating every Wednesday! But if you have then relax, it’s been legal since yesterday. As are these 4 other laws you might have been breaking.


  1. Eating Every Wednesday
    One of the biggies. You should have been fasting the first Wednesday of each month. What’s worse, this was for the benefit of Londoners.
  2. Gossiping About Henry VIII’s Marital Status
    Well positive gossip was ok. But I hope you weren’t criticising.
  3. Trading With France
    Wine? Baguettes? Cheese? A holiday? You’re quite the career criminal, aren’t you?
  4. Eating Potatoes
    Yes, potatoes were banned in Ireland! Technically only the ‘higher orders’ were banned from eating these foods, but still!
  5. Eating Porridge
    Not quite as egregious as the potato ban but I think we’ve probably all broken this law some times in our lives as well.


The laws were among thousands repealed as part of a government clean up of laws.

The Statute Law Revision Bill revoked 800 years of obsolete proclamations, directions and orders made before 1821.

Oh, if you happen to know where the “arch traitor” Earl of Tyrone Hugh O’Neill is, you missed your chance for the reward!

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