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Watch This Argentinian Get Carried Away As 3 Lads Irish Dance Across The World

3 Irish lads decided to Irish Dance their way around the world. And at least one Argentinian was so impressed he HAD to take part!

These 3 lads are not professional dancers but they’ve obviously got great neck as they spent a year travelling the world and did an Irish dance in each country. Now it’s been combined into one video.

Calling themselves The Wirld they say the project began in May 2013 when the 3 lads left Ireland armed with an around the world ticket, a limited budget and a dodgy all weather camera. The created a blog in each country they visited showing how they spread the word of Ireland in their own unique way.

This accumulated in an Irish dancing video which you can see below. The three lads are Iain Mcnamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe.

One of the highlights is in Argentina where during their dance one local was so impressed that he ran up to take part.

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