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Do You Know The Two People In This 67 Year Old Photograph? It Was Lost At Dublin Airport

Old photographs can be very precious and losing one can cause grief. One unlucky person left this photograph behind in Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport last week. Can you help return it?

The photograph was left at the security check in Terminal 1. It is of two children and on the back of it there’s a handwritten note that says “David and Sandra, 1946, Neville Road in Birmingham”.

In fairness to the staff at the airport they felt they could not just ignore it when they found it and immediately scanned it and posted it to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Paul O’Kane, chief communications officer for Dublin Airport told BBC News that this was one lost item that they “just could not ignore.”

“We have more than 20 million passengers going through the airport every year,” he said.

“One of our staff found the photograph under a plastic security tray and we felt we couldn’t ignore it.

“The caption suggests it belongs to someone of Irish origin who is perhaps living in Birmingham. It is clearly of tremendous sentimental value.

“We shall also send a message to Birmingham airport to see if they can help us reunite the photograph with its owner,” he confirmed.

If you can help to get the photograph back to its owner please contact Dublin Airport via Twitter, Facebook or switchboard on 01 814 1111.

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