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view of the bed in the Guinness gravity bar

Tonight Someone Is Sleeping In The Guinness Gravity Bar

It’s Europe’s most popular tourist destination, but tonight only, someone will actually sleep in the Guinness Gravity Bar in Dublin. The iconic glass bar at the top of the Guinness Experience in Dublin is usually a place for crowds of people to try a real Guinness. But staying there overnight is not an option, no…

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Rothschild Giraffe cub

A Very Rare Rothschild Giraffe Has Been Born In Dublin Zoo

The number of the most endangered Giraffe species has been increased by 1 following the birth of a male calf in Dublin Zoo. The Rothschild giraffe is one of the most threatened of the nine sub-species of giraffe. Rothschild male giraffes grow to six metres in height and can weigh more than 2,000kg. Fewer than…

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a Swedish choir on a Dublln bus

Watch What Happens When A Swedish Choir Use Dublin Bus

Bus trips home are rarely memorable. But then they don’t often have Swedish choirs on them. But last night the number 16 in Dublin did and the passengers were treated to a rousing performance. The sing-song was captured by Angela Mullin who posted it to Facebook. She says she didn’t join in the singing but…

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Legendary Yuyu Abe enjoys a pint in Dublin

Have You Seen Yuyu Abe? He’s Trying To Drink A Pint In Every Pub In Dublin!

A mysterious figure has been spotted travelling Dublin and drinking a Guinness in each and every pub. Yuya Abe came to attention when he visited Slattery’s. They were so impressed with his quest that they posted about him on their Facebook page. Being decent sorts they also gave him his pint for free. From what…

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sky sports reporter

Sky Sports Reclaim Dublin For England

British sports commentators have a long history of claiming Irish successes as British. But this time they’ve taken the biscuit and claimed Dublin as English! Announcing the GAA All Star nominations the Sky Sports announcer declared Dublin to be All-England champions. That’s right he didn’t even claim them to be British but English! See for…

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lost photo

Do You Know The Two People In This 67 Year Old Photograph? It Was Lost At Dublin Airport

Old photographs can be very precious and losing one can cause grief. One unlucky person left this photograph behind in Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport last week. Can you help return it? The photograph was left at the security check in Terminal 1. It is of two children and on the back of it there’s…

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guinness gravity bar dublin

Europe’s Leading Tourist Destination Is In Ireland.

The World Travel Awards were presented in Sardinia last weekend. And Guinness Storehouse in Dublin took home the title of “Leading European Tourist Destination” beating The Eiffel Tower, The Acropolis and Buckingham Palace. The World Travel Awards are the premier awards in the tourism industry. They select the best tourist services and destinations across the…

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Love from dublin display

Condé Nast Magazine Has Named Dublin The Friendliest City In Europe

According to the premier travel magazine, Condé Nast, Dublin is the friendliest city in Europe. Only Sydney is a friendlier city world-wide. The result was of course welcomed by Torism Ireland CEO Niall Gibbons who said: “Again and again, our research shows us that the friendliness of our people is one of our unique selling…

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dublin airport entrance

Have You Been Defrauded By Major Retailers At Dublin Airport?

Major retailers at Dublin and other airports throughout the country may have been defrauding customers and the government for years. If you have ever been asked to present your boarding pass outside the Duty Free section of the airport you may have been deliberately overcharged. This has been a common ploy of major retailers for…

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inflatable minion escapes

Giant Minion Startles Dublin Motorists.

Minions are everywhere these days. But you wouldn’t expect a giant one to jump onto the road and stop traffic in Dublin. But that’s what happened! It’s finally happened – #minions taking over Dublin — Sean Judge (@Sean_Judges) August 3, 2015 The 40ft (12m) tall minion escaped from a nearby funfair. The Gardai were…

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