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Did You Know Ireland’s Obsessed With Dentists?

Think of teeth and dentists and you probably consider one of two clichés; Glow-in-the-dark American teeth or crooked British ones. But in fact Ireland is the 2nd most obsessed country in the world when it comes to dentists.

Take a look at this chart from Google on searches for “Dentist”. In first place is Britain but in 2nd place across the world is Ireland. In fact we’re 2 places above the US.

We explored this obsession even further to discover that Castlebar is the most fascinated with the profession, followed by Navan and Dundalk.

There’s no obvious reason for why Ireland is so interested in dentists. And absolutely none as to why it is focused on Castlebar. Do they have particularly poor teeth? think it provides a major employment opportunity or what?

Whatever the reason, with Cork and Dublin in 13th and 14th place respectively it looks like Ronan O’Gara’s brother made a tactical mistake when he set up as a Ballsbridge Dentist rather than a Kerry one.

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