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McDonalds “Artisan” Burger Is “Artisan” No More.

Remember McDonalds Irish Artisan Burger which featured Bacon, Cabbage, and Potato? The one released yesterday? Well It’s no longer Artisan.

The new burger called The McMór might have seemed like a parody of Irishness but McDonalds were very serious about it. They printed tons of material explaining how it represented Ireland and, most importantly, how Artisan it is.

But now they’ve had to change it! Since yesterday!

The McMór (yes it had to have a faux Irish name as well) doesn’t meet the Food Standards Authority rules for classifying it as Artisan. Under the rules something can be described as artisan only if it is made in limited quantities by skilled craftspeople while the processing method must not be fully mechanised.

Strangely enough McDonalds doesn’t meet these criteria.

The burger is remaining but it will no longer be referred to as “Artisan.”

We’re still not sure who the McMór was aimed at but the whole clichéd “Paddy” aspect makes us think it was devised by or for someone outside of Ireland.

What do you think? Will you be rushing to get the McMór?

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