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The Next Generation Of Irish Dancing Is Coming

Riverdance was a revolution in Irish Dancing. 21 Years ago during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest it was revealed to the world. From there of course it has gone on to global success. But now there is a new generation coming.

Despite it’s long history and unique style Irish dance was a niche interest before Riverdance. Afterwards it became a global phenomena.

Now many of those dancers who got their first break in one of the Riverdance productions are bringing Irish Dance to the next level.


One such dancer is Cork-born Alan Kennefick. You might remember him from this video earlier in the year. He is also the founder of dance group Prodijig who have previously won Sky’s Got To Dance with this routine

Prodijig: The Revolution is a new dance show that is opening in the Cork Opera House next year. It looks from the pedigree that it could be the next evolution of Irish Dance. They have produced this trailer video filmed on the streets of Cork. It looks like it could be the next Irish Dance phenomena…

Prodijig:The Revolution

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