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irish redhead festival attendees

Redhead Display in Cork Airport

Next month travellers at Cork Airport will see a unique exhibition: a selection of portraits taken at the Irish Redhead Convention. Cork based fashion photographer, Jorg Koster developed an interest in redheaded subjects five years ago after shooting Irish clothing products for German catalogues. But he had a problem in taking portraits: red hair is…

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prodijig in action

The Next Generation Of Irish Dancing Is Coming

Riverdance was a revolution in Irish Dancing. 21 Years ago during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest it was revealed to the world. From there of course it has gone on to global success. But now there is a new generation coming. Despite it’s long history and unique style Irish dance was a niche interest before…

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cliffs of mother

Surfing Beneath The Cliffs of Moher – A Breathtaking Video

The Cliffs of Moher are among the most spectacular and visited natural features in Ireland. But beneath the cliffs are some of the best surfing waves in the world. Not many people get to experience the waves as they crash in from the open Atlantic. But those that do rate them as some of the…

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u2 in concert

U2 To Play Ireland Dates In November

After much speculation U2 have confirmed that they will play 6 concerts in Ireland. The band have just started the European leg of the Innocence + Experience tour after playing to sell-out shows across America. This is the first indoor tour the band have played in over 20 years. It has been hailed as a…

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the choctaw memorial Midleton

The Choctaw Memorial: Remembering One Of Histories Greatest Acts Of Generosity

A memorial recently erected in Midleton, Co. Cork commemorates the Choctaw support for Irish famine victims; one of humanities great acts of generosity. In the 1840’s word reached the Choctaw Indians in America of famine ravaging the Irish countryside. Despite their own horrendous suffering just 16 years earlier this Nation showed tremendous generosity as they…

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This Man Was Cutting His Hedges – And Found €200,000 Worth of Paintings!

Earlier this week, Denis Russell, 59, was trimming the hedges outside his cottage in Co. Wicklow when he discovered €200,000 worth of paintings in them. When he saw a black garbage bag nestled in a ditch, he assumed it was filled with trash – a nuisance that has happened before. But when he opened the…

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irish folk legends

The Story Behind That Photo

We recently shared the photo at the top of this post featuring some of the legendary figures of Irish music on a night out with Billy Connolly. This was not a one-time event and everyone in the picture was a close friend. They got together each year for Billy’s birthday and this particular picture was…

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Riverdance Choreographers Dance To “The Great Dictator” Will Take Your Breath Away.

Riverdancer and choreographer Kieran Hardiman teamed up with fellow dancers Alan Kenefick and Ciaran Plummer to create this Irish dance piece which is soundtracked by a speech from The Great Dictator. The piece was filmed in UCC and has been shared thousands of times on Facebook since it was posted over the weekend. It might…

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Star Wars films on Skellig Michael

Will The Jedi Return To An Isolated Irish Island On Sept 15?

Jedi, Wookies and Storm Troopers may be returning to the isolated monastic island of Skellig Michael in September. The islands have already had a 3-day visit from the cast and crew of the new Star Wars movie last August. That visit was the cause of much controversy when it turned out that the Navy had…

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irish folk legends

Can You Believe We Forgot Phil Coulter In This Group Of Legends?

We recently Tweeted a link to this incredible picture. Unfortunately we forgot Phil Coulter and just have to put it right! Here’s our original tweet… Jim McCann, Billy Connolly, Christy Moore, Paul Brady, Ralp McTell, Ronnie Drew, Shay Healy #legends #music #folk — irelandcalling (@irelandcalling1) July 12, 2015 The error is obvious in hindsight…

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