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Will Ye Not Stop For A Nice Cup Of Tea? Mrs Doyle Urges Tired Mayo Motorists

She’s most famous for saying “Go On, Go On, Go On” but now Mrs. Doyle is encouraging motorists to stop for tea as part of a Mayo Road safety campaign.

In an attempt to combat driver fatigue Mayp Council have erected cardboard cut-outs of Pauline McLynn’s character to remind road users to take a break.

The campaign follows on from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) launching their new ad campaign “Stop, Sip, Sleep” this week with research by the RSA showing that 1 in 5 collisions can be due to driver fatigue.

And if “Our Lord Himself on the cross paused for a nice cup of tea,” as Mrs. Doyle claims, then surely we can pause for a few minutes as well.

Here’s a nice picture from our friends at Craggy Island Quotes.

mrs doyle cup of tea

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