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Will Ye Not Stop For A Nice Cup Of Tea? Mrs Doyle Urges Tired Mayo Motorists

She’s most famous for saying “Go On, Go On, Go On” but now Mrs. Doyle is encouraging motorists to stop for tea as part of a Mayo Road safety campaign. In an attempt to combat driver fatigue Mayp Council have erected cardboard cut-outs of Pauline McLynn’s character to remind road users to take a break….

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zero prepares to take on Eoin McLove

Simon Zebo Defeats Eoin McLove – in Die Hard!

Eoin McLove has gone down a dark path since his visit to Craggy Island. But he didn’t think he’d have to deal with Simon Zebo in this funny Die Hard remake. Conor McGregor isn’t any help at all! It’s an ad for Elvery Sports but it’s funny. Take a look!   FUNNY: Simon Zebo saves…

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father stone celebrates

3 Reasons Why You Had To Work Today.

Unfortunately you have to work today because we failed to make The Day The Ice Age ended a holiday. But we’ve identified 3 reasons why we failed… July 19 is the most momentous day in Irish history for reasons explained here. Here at Ireland Calling we tried to get the day made a national holiday….

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4 Reasons Why We Should Make July 19 An Irish Holiday

July 19th is possibly the most momentous day in Irish history. There are at least 4 reasons it should be a holiday… Despite the momentous history behind the day it often goes forgotten. Even Ted and Dougal had problems with it…   As we can see Ted and Dougal knew of only three reasons why…

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graham Norton in father ted

Kanye? Freddie? Not Even Close – Here’s Graham Norton

We’re a bit late addressing the matter but better late than never since it seems many people have forgotten the all-time best ever performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s time to put the record straight. There was a lot of interest in Kanye Wests performance of Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury. He was mocked for the performance…

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pat mustard now living in kenmore

Kenmare’s Pat Mustard Ends Up In Court.

Like Pat Mustard in Father Ted, a Kenmare bar owner claimed he was in court only because he was too gorgeous. But Gardai disagreed and put forward a different mitigating factor as part of their own prosecution. James O’Connor, aged 41, of O’Connor’s Bar was raided by Gardai at 1.50 A.M. on two different nights….

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