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Will You Go To Dublin’s Newest Cinema? The Seats Have Been Replaced With Hot-Tubs!

What’s your picture of a cinema? Lush seats and snacks? Maybe you thought a Drive-in was a bit exotic?

The newest cinema in Dublin will probably surprise you!

In August Mo’s Gaff will be the latest cinema to open in the city. Showing old movies it will be located in Montague Street in what is currently an abandoned building currently under renovation for the project.

But this will not be your ordinary cineplex…

The organiser,Matt Mantalvanos, was quoted as saying

We’re just looking for alternative forms of entertainment. There’s a couple of entertainment industries that have maybe gone a bit stale, and we just want to inject a bit of life into them.

The Gimmick? It’s a Hot Tub Cinema!

some films you can see in the hot tubs

Copied from a concept in the UK customers sit in hot-tubs to watch the movie. Moviegoers are asked to bring their togs, plus anything they’d like to drink while reclining in a hot tub. You can bring beer, wine or alcopops but no hard liquor.

Food will be on sale during the movies, and changing rooms and lockers will be provided.

How do you feel about watching movies in a Hot-Tub of strangers?

If you’re interested in going you can purchase tickets at CineBros website

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