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Day: June 18, 2015

are you a weird irish guy?

Do You Know A ‘WEIRD’ Irish Guy In Brussels? There’s A German Girl Looking For Him!

Are there many ‘weird’ Irish Guys in Brussels? Apart from the MEPs? We can only hope not because one German Girl is desperately looking for one. So desperate is she to find him that she’s been sticking flyers around the city… Spotted in Brussels today. Some German girl is trying to track down ‘weird’ Irish…

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trying to get out of slane

Guess What Happened When They Tried To Leave Slane!

Leaving a festival is mostly a chore; a big, slow moving, crush of people being given instructions over the loudspeaker. After the recent Foo Fighters concert in Slane this was the case at one exit with a Guard giving instructions. Then this happened! Good humour from the crowd – and great response from the Guard!

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a selection of euro coins

Small Coins To Vanish Across Ireland – Like They Did in Wexford.

The Irish government has decided to remove all 1c and 2c coins from circulation in the country. Because a 1 cent coin costs 1.3cent to make the Central Bank loses on every one produced. The rate at which Ireland has been minting copper coins is three times more than the EU average but the requirement…

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Will You Go To Dublin’s Newest Cinema? The Seats Have Been Replaced With Hot-Tubs!

What’s your picture of a cinema? Lush seats and snacks? Maybe you thought a Drive-in was a bit exotic? The newest cinema in Dublin will probably surprise you! In August Mo’s Gaff will be the latest cinema to open in the city. Showing old movies it will be located in Montague Street in what is…

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