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Day: July 4, 2015

Liam Neeson is from Ballymena

The Northern Irish Accent Voted Was ( Sort Of ) Voted Sexiest In The World

An international survey voted the British accent the sexiest in the world. But the British themselves voted the Northern Irish accent to be sexiest in the UK. Logically this means the accent of Liam Neeson, Rory McIlroy and Jamie Dorn is the sexiest in the world. The Time Out Global Dating Survey found that the…

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Old Picture Of The Week: Killybegs 1890’s

Killybegs in Co. Donegal has been a fishing port for a very long time. However, unlike the towns we looked at recently, this is one that has undergone large changes in the last hundred years. Above we see Killybegs from the land, looking out to sea. Notice the church with the battlements towards the right….

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