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Month: July 2015

Riverdance Choreographers Dance To “The Great Dictator” Will Take Your Breath Away.

Riverdancer and choreographer Kieran Hardiman teamed up with fellow dancers Alan Kenefick and Ciaran Plummer to create this Irish dance piece which is soundtracked by a speech from The Great Dictator. The piece was filmed in UCC and has been shared thousands of times on Facebook since it was posted over the weekend. It might…

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Will Ye Not Stop For A Nice Cup Of Tea? Mrs Doyle Urges Tired Mayo Motorists

She’s most famous for saying “Go On, Go On, Go On” but now Mrs. Doyle is encouraging motorists to stop for tea as part of a Mayo Road safety campaign. In an attempt to combat driver fatigue Mayp Council have erected cardboard cut-outs of Pauline McLynn’s character to remind road users to take a break….

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ballinspittle 1985

It’s 30 Years Since Ballinspittle. Here’s The 1985 RTE News.

August 1985 saw the first reports of a moving statue in Ballinspittle. 30 years ago Ireland was a different place (except for the weather) as you can see in this RTE News from the time. This August will be the 30th anniversary of the first reports of moving statues in Ballinspittle. It’s easy to forget…

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passing out on a Magaluf slingshot

A Girl Twice Passed Out On A Slingshot in Magaluf.

We’ve seen videos of parents freaking out on planes and roller-coasters. But this is the ultimate! These two girls were on holiday in Magaluf and decided to go on the sling shot. One was very scared – but it’s her composed friend who gave us the surprise. By passing out. Twice.   “FIONNUALA! I just…

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dusty the dolphin

The Anti-Fungi Strikes Again

We all know Fungi in Dingle is a friendly dolphin who loves being with people. Dusty is the anti-Fungi who attacks people. Dusty is a resident of the waters between Clare and Galway and is snatching headlines once again after video footage emerged of her recently attacking an unsuspecting swimmer. Last year, a clip of…

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high malt whiskey

The Pogues Whiskey – Of Course It’s The Highest Malt!

The Pogues are working with West Cork Distillers to release a new whiskey. While we assume they didn’t actually have anything to do with the design of it I guess these people have plenty of experience of whiskeys and can approve a good one. The Pogues Irish Whiskey is targeted towards 25 to 35-year-old drinkers…

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international chocolate consumption

Guess How Much Chocolate We Eat Each Year. Do You Know Who Eats More Than Us?

Irish are the third highest consumers of chocolate in the world. Surprising but true. Only two nationalities eat more. We each eat 7.4kg or 16.3lbs each year. That’s a lot of chocolate but only 82% of what the Swiss eat. Then again the Toblerones are probably cheaper there. The Germans are the 2nd biggest consumers….

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cash-sniffing dog in action

This Irish Dogs Smells Cash. And He Just Found €12,000!

This is Harvey. He can sniff out large amounts of cash – and let you know where it is! Harvey is one of the Revenue’s Cash Detector Dogs. These wonderful animals are specifically trained to sniff out cash. Harvey latest successful operation was at Ringaskiddy in Cork where he discovered €12,000 cash in the suitcase…

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dancing away to irish music

Watch These Cute Twin Babies Riverdance And Try Not To Go Ahhhh!

This may just be the cutest video we have seen all week. Two twins babies in their bouncers doing some Irish dancing. Some real talent on display. It’s no wonder Michael Flatley has taken up painting instead. You’ll have to watch for yourself…   Cutest thing you will see all day!! [Video:] Posted by…

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Star Wars films on Skellig Michael

Will The Jedi Return To An Isolated Irish Island On Sept 15?

Jedi, Wookies and Storm Troopers may be returning to the isolated monastic island of Skellig Michael in September. The islands have already had a 3-day visit from the cast and crew of the new Star Wars movie last August. That visit was the cause of much controversy when it turned out that the Navy had…

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