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Day: July 26, 2015

international chocolate consumption

Guess How Much Chocolate We Eat Each Year. Do You Know Who Eats More Than Us?

Irish are the third highest consumers of chocolate in the world. Surprising but true. Only two nationalities eat more. We each eat 7.4kg or 16.3lbs each year. That’s a lot of chocolate but only 82% of what the Swiss eat. Then again the Toblerones are probably cheaper there. The Germans are the 2nd biggest consumers….

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cash-sniffing dog in action

This Irish Dogs Smells Cash. And He Just Found €12,000!

This is Harvey. He can sniff out large amounts of cash – and let you know where it is! Harvey is one of the Revenue’s Cash Detector Dogs. These wonderful animals are specifically trained to sniff out cash. Harvey latest successful operation was at Ringaskiddy in Cork where he discovered €12,000 cash in the suitcase…

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