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Have You Seen Yuyu Abe? He’s Trying To Drink A Pint In Every Pub In Dublin!

A mysterious figure has been spotted travelling Dublin and drinking a Guinness in each and every pub.

Yuya Abe came to attention when he visited Slattery’s. They were so impressed with his quest that they posted about him on their Facebook page. Being decent sorts they also gave him his pint for free.

From what we can gather reading about this on
it seems that Yuyu has set this challenge for himself, taking as his map
The Dublin Pub Spotters Guide by Mac Moloney. This features 900 pubs all with a description and photograph.

When he visits a listed pub our bold adventurer orders a pint of Guinness and asks the barman to sign the relevant entry in the book. Here he is after finishing number 226 in Smyth’s on Hadfield Road.

The legendary Yuyu Abe in Slattery's of Dublin

He has been drinking 2 pints of Guinness a day for 4 months. In total that’s 226 pints! He’s looking well, though his bank balance is probably looking a little worse.

If he wants to finish all 900 pubs in the book it will, at this rate, take him another year. He may have a crowd with him by that time!

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