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Legendary Yuyu Abe enjoys a pint in Dublin

Have You Seen Yuyu Abe? He’s Trying To Drink A Pint In Every Pub In Dublin!

A mysterious figure has been spotted travelling Dublin and drinking a Guinness in each and every pub. Yuya Abe came to attention when he visited Slattery’s. They were so impressed with his quest that they posted about him on their Facebook page. Being decent sorts they also gave him his pint for free. From what…

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ah shur I'm alive

Cork and Kerry Pingu – The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Pingu was a cartoon about a group of Penguins and they never spoke, just squawked. But now hear them speak for the first time -in Cork and Kerry accents! In this adventure the two penguins decide to make some popcorn but things go slightly wrong….

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2 lads try to explain the meaning of irish slang

Explaining Irish Slang Is Harder Than You Think!

Irish Slang. It’s a language to itself, one that non-Irish can find completely unintelligible. And it can be surprisingly difficult to explain the meaning to others. But these good people in Dublin give it a try. How well would you do in explaining it? And how surprised are you to find some of it even…

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having some crack in Kerry

“Ryanair, Highwaymen In The Sky.” Having The Craic In Kerry

The Fleadh Cheoil Chiarrai is a celebration of music and dance in the Kingdom. But not all the craic takes place at the formal competition or even the scheduled gigs. As so often in Ireland it can be an impromptu performance. In Mick Murt’s pub there was one such performance. This had a modern theme…

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licking a potato

What If Ireland Vanished? And Only YOU Remembered?

Ok, the actings a bit ropey and the concept is silly. But this is still funny in an absurd, over-the-top way. It will make you laugh… _“We built the f@¬£ing thing!”*

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a viral card trick by corkman Dave Duggan

This Cork Mans Card Trick Became An Internet Sensation

This Cork man has become a true internet legend with his amazing card trick. Dave Duggan was out with his friends over the Bank Holiday weekend and towards the end of the night (and after a few drinks) he performed this amazing card trick. One of his friends video the it and posted it on…

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