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Jedi Master Mark Hamill Proves To Be A Master Pint Puller in Kerry

It’s not everyday that a Jedi master pulls you a pint but it happened for locals of a small pub in Co. Kerry. Luke Skywalker himself was filmed having a great time in a Kerry pub.

Star Wars VII: The force Awakens filmed on Skellig Michael last year and they crew returned this month to fill some scenes for episode VII.

The island is situated off the coast of Portmagee in Co. Kerry. It has a fascinating history as a remote monastic settlement and is one of just 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ireland.

After filming finished for the day Mark Hamill popped into the local for a pint. And ended up giving the lads a hand behind the bar.

By the looks of things he’s practised pulling a pint or two before.

Local children gathered around and sang songs to give the actor a real Kerry welcome before a music session kicked off later on in the evening.

Mark himself regaled the locals with tales of the time Lee Marvin brought him for a few points and he saw a shamrock etched on top.

mark Hamill having the craic in Kerry

By all accounts it proved to be a fantastic night and Mark stayed late, despite filming again the next morning.

The Examiner has some video

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