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Rose Of Tralee Greeting

Charting The Popularity Of The Rose Of Tralee: Why It Was More Popular In The 1940’s.

The Rose Of Tralee festival is happening right now in the eponymous town. And it seems to remain as popular as ever. Even more so since it’s first run way back in 1959. But mentions of The Rose Of Tralee peaked long before the festival. As you are probably aware the Rose of Tralee Festival…

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Mark Hamill pulling pints

Jedi Master Mark Hamill Proves To Be A Master Pint Puller in Kerry

It’s not everyday that a Jedi master pulls you a pint but it happened for locals of a small pub in Co. Kerry. Luke Skywalker himself was filmed having a great time in a Kerry pub. Star Wars VII: The force Awakens filmed on Skellig Michael last year and they crew returned this month to…

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approaching skellig Michael from the sea

Skellig Michael: One Of Just 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Ireland

Situated 12 kilometres off the Kerry coast, Skellig Michael is a 218m (715ft) high lump of exposed rock. It was also the site of a unique monastery for 600 years. The Skelligs Skellig Michael is one of two Skelligs. The other, The Little Skellig, is uninhabited by man but is the second largest gannet breeding…

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A Single Battery Killed 20 Calves in Kerry

Twenty young calves were killed by a single battery in a field in Kerry last week. Gardai are investigating the deaths. The 20 calves were in a single field in Tarbert in North Kerry. The farmer discovered 14 dead and informed the Gardai. Since then a further six who were ill have died. The cause…

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Star Wars films on Skellig Michael

Will The Jedi Return To An Isolated Irish Island On Sept 15?

Jedi, Wookies and Storm Troopers may be returning to the isolated monastic island of Skellig Michael in September. The islands have already had a 3-day visit from the cast and crew of the new Star Wars movie last August. That visit was the cause of much controversy when it turned out that the Navy had…

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pat mustard now living in kenmore

Kenmare’s Pat Mustard Ends Up In Court.

Like Pat Mustard in Father Ted, a Kenmare bar owner claimed he was in court only because he was too gorgeous. But Gardai disagreed and put forward a different mitigating factor as part of their own prosecution. James O’Connor, aged 41, of O’Connor’s Bar was raided by Gardai at 1.50 A.M. on two different nights….

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a dolphin on a beach

Stranded Dolphins Escape Kerry Beach.

A pod of stranded Dolphins were helped back out to sea thanks to the efforts of a Kerry community. The dolphins were noticed near the entrance of Cloghane Estuary. A rescue attempt was co-ordinated by Dingle Ocean World. It involved dozens of members of the local community and took 4 hours. Thankfully the dolphins are…

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gardai monitor a funeral

17 Armed Gardai Required To Prevent Violence At Traveller Funeral.

A Traveller Funeral in Tralee required the presence of 17 armed Gardai and detectives to prevent violent clashes between feuding families. A small number of Gardai were managing a threat posed by the long-running history between two families as Margaret O’Driscoll was lying in repose after losing a battle with illness earlier in the week….

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having some crack in Kerry

“Ryanair, Highwaymen In The Sky.” Having The Craic In Kerry

The Fleadh Cheoil Chiarrai is a celebration of music and dance in the Kingdom. But not all the craic takes place at the formal competition or even the scheduled gigs. As so often in Ireland it can be an impromptu performance. In Mick Murt’s pub there was one such performance. This had a modern theme…

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the Milky Way in all its glory

Irelands Dark Treasure – One Of The Three Best Places on Earth To View The Universe!

It’s the only place in the Northern Hemisphere from which to truly understand the majesty of the universe. And one of only 3 places on the planet! And that’s official. Light pollution is a growing problem and it means that no-one looking up the the sky can truly experience the awe and wonder that people…

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