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Kenmare’s Pat Mustard Ends Up In Court.

Like Pat Mustard in Father Ted, a Kenmare bar owner claimed he was in court only because he was too gorgeous. But Gardai disagreed and put forward a different mitigating factor as part of their own prosecution.

James O’Connor, aged 41, of O’Connor’s Bar was raided by Gardai at 1.50 A.M. on two different nights. On the first occasion there were 100 people on the premises and on the second the Gardai found 28.

“My client is a bachelor and young women find him very attractive,” his solicitor Padraig O’Connell said. As a result he found it very difficult to persuade them to go home.

Just like Pat Mustard in Father Ted who was “so gorgeous they tried to arrest me” it seems good looks in Kenmare can be a disadvantage.


Kenmare Garda Sergeant Derek Fleming disagreed with this reasoning and said: “The problem is… the premises is beside the Square Pint nightclub and they wait in his bar until it is time to go there.”

The judge said the reason the sergeant put forward now explained why so many people would be in the premises in the middle of Kenmare town after closing time.

Happily everyone then agreed that a plea of guilty for one offence was enough and the other offence could be withdrawn.

The judge convicted and fined O’Connor €200 on his guilty plea, with 10 days in default.

What do you think? Is being charming a good defence? Or is inability to clear the pub good reason for serving late?

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