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CurseFest2015 Coming To Waterford

Waterford City council recently decided to take a strong line against “use [of]obscene or profane language” in their parks. As you might expect in Ireland it’s kind of backfired!

The recently passed by-laws stated that “No person shall beg, gamble, use obscene or profane language, behave indecently or cause annoyance.” Also banned are having a barbecue, smoking, skating, picking flowers and flying model airplanes. Breaching these edicts could result in a fine of €1,270.

It didn’t take long for a protest to arise however and it was, of course, organised on Facebook. The group is planning and event on August 1 titled ‘The BBQ, Smoking, Skating, Flowerpicking, Model Aeroplane Flying and Cursing Fest 2015’

So far nearly 2,000 people have said they will be attending.

People are encouraged to bring: “Yourself, including all your barbeque, smoking, skating, flower picking, model aeroplane flying and cursing paraphernalia.” But to “remember to clean up after yourself and most important of all, have a good time in our beautiful public park.”

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