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Sky Sports Reclaim Dublin For England

British sports commentators have a long history of claiming Irish successes as British. But this time they’ve taken the biscuit and claimed Dublin as English!

Announcing the GAA All Star nominations the Sky Sports announcer declared Dublin to be All-England champions.

That’s right he didn’t even claim them to be British but English! See for yourself.

We often hear British people complain about those who conflate England with Britain but it seems the English themselves do it as well. And add in Ireland for good measure.

Ah for the days of Empire!
What makes this worse is that the presenter is not making a slip of the tongue but is reading off an auto-cue. Someone had to write this down!

Of course the habit of claiming Irish sports successes as British goes back at least to the 80’s when Stephen Roche was said to be the first “British or Irish” person to win the Tour de France.

More recently Conor McGregor and Paul Dunne were also claimed.

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