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Can You Believe We Forgot Phil Coulter In This Group Of Legends?

We recently Tweeted a link to this incredible picture. Unfortunately we forgot Phil Coulter and just have to put it right!

Here’s our original tweet…

The error is obvious in hindsight but it took Derek Mooney to point it out – no mention was made of Phil Coulter.

Of course I knew Phil Coulter was there but I plead a brain freeze at the sight of such a group and the idea of what they could (or were doing) together. Still I feel that I have to acknowledge the error. And showing just a few of the amazing songs he is responsible for seems appropriate. So here are a few.

The Town I Loved So Well

The song that he has said he would most like to be remembered for.


Scorn Not His Simplicity

Luke Kelly’s version is universally acknowledged to be amongst the greatest renditions of this very personal song.



And finally an illustration of just what a wide range of music Phil can write.

For the record the group in the picture above are Jim McCann, Billy Connolly, Christy Moore, Paul Brady, Ralph McTell, Ronnie Drew, Shay Healy. And Phil Coulter.

And my mind still boggles at what that group has achieved and what stories could be told!

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