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trad session in a Galway taxi office

This Video Shows One Way For Taxis To Compete Against Uber: Have A Trad Session In The Office!

Waiting for a taxi in the early hours is a sure way to kill the feeling from a good night. But in one Galway taxi office it became part of the night as 2 trad bands burst into an impromptu session that had people coming in off the streets. Local bands Porterhead and Simpsons Three…

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delorean in dublin

Back To The Future: Dublin Edition

Back To the Future Day has been and gone with much fanfare. But here’s a uniquely Dublin spin on the whole experience. By The Lightroom production company this might not resonate with many outside Ireland but it’s guaranteed to bring a laugh. It’s not only funny but has some great moments form the film itself….

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jig on an aer lingus plane

Aer Lingus Takes Inflight Entertainment To New Heights With Jigs In The Aisle

We all know Aer Lingus are the friendliest airline. But it seems they’re also up for a bit of craic as this video shows. Flight attendant Orla O’Brien was serving on what seemed like a regular flight. But then an impromptu trad session started. And when the fiddle came out Orla and a passenger took…

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irish dancing origins

The True Meaning Of Irish Dancing Has Been Revealed

We all know the unique style of Irish Dance has conquered the world. But where and how did Irish Dance originate? The energy and rhythm in Irish Dance is elemental and affects people at their root. But, according to the theory in this video, that driving force is even more basic than we thought…  …

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maps of ireland and the uk

Do You Know Where Ireland or England Are? On A Map Of Ireland and The UK?

Identifying countries can be tricky. After all it’s a big world. But what about identifying Ireland and the UK on a map that contains only Ireland and the UK? Could Americans do it? Sadly we all know the answer before we even watch the video… (Just please don’t ask us to identify the individual states…

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discussing the differences between irish and American English

American English Vs. Irish English. This Hilarious Video Explains The Difference

We know that English is not English. But what are the differences between Irish English and American English? Let These Two Show You… The video was made by language app Smigin and features two of their employees; Austin from California and Saoirse from Ireland. I’m guessing it makes a lot more sense to Irish people…

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the farmers calendar

Want To See 12 Months Of Topless Irish Farmers? This Is For You!

The end of the year is coming up rapidly. As such it’s time to start thinking about next years topless farmers. And that means The Irish Farmers Calendar. This is the 7th year that farmers around Ireland have shown off their physiques for charity; a percentage of the proceeds goes to Bothar – sending livestock…

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dancing away to irish music

Watch These Cute Twin Babies Riverdance And Try Not To Go Ahhhh!

This may just be the cutest video we have seen all week. Two twins babies in their bouncers doing some Irish dancing. Some real talent on display. It’s no wonder Michael Flatley has taken up painting instead. You’ll have to watch for yourself…   Cutest thing you will see all day!! [Video:] Posted by…

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zero prepares to take on Eoin McLove

Simon Zebo Defeats Eoin McLove – in Die Hard!

Eoin McLove has gone down a dark path since his visit to Craggy Island. But he didn’t think he’d have to deal with Simon Zebo in this funny Die Hard remake. Conor McGregor isn’t any help at all! It’s an ad for Elvery Sports but it’s funny. Take a look!   FUNNY: Simon Zebo saves…

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irish folk legends

Can You Believe We Forgot Phil Coulter In This Group Of Legends?

We recently Tweeted a link to this incredible picture. Unfortunately we forgot Phil Coulter and just have to put it right! Here’s our original tweet… Jim McCann, Billy Connolly, Christy Moore, Paul Brady, Ralp McTell, Ronnie Drew, Shay Healy #legends #music #folk — irelandcalling (@irelandcalling1) July 12, 2015 The error is obvious in hindsight…

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