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Will The Jedi Return To An Isolated Irish Island On Sept 15?

Jedi, Wookies and Storm Troopers may be returning to the isolated monastic island of Skellig Michael in September.

The islands have already had a 3-day visit from the cast and crew of the new Star Wars movie last August. That visit was the cause of much controversy when it turned out that the Navy had enforced a cordon around the islands.

The current suspicion that filming will return comes as The Irish Examiner was told that boatmen are not available to bring anyone to the island on the week of September 15.

The islands themselves were a medieval monastic settlement and are a listed UNESCO World Heritage site.

After the last visit of Star Wars to the islands in fact Unesco sent an email to the Department of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht, in which it said: “We would appreciate receiving your feedback about the steps taken by your authorities to ensure protection of the Outstanding Universal Value of both the cultural property and its ecological environment throughout the duration of the filming.”

The government is believed to have approved usage of the states resources in a belief that it will bring much publicity and tourism to the area. The islands themselves are usually strictly monitored and numbers allowed on them are limited.

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