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approaching skellig Michael from the sea

Skellig Michael: One Of Just 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Ireland

Situated 12 kilometres off the Kerry coast, Skellig Michael is a 218m (715ft) high lump of exposed rock. It was also the site of a unique monastery for 600 years. The Skelligs Skellig Michael is one of two Skelligs. The other, The Little Skellig, is uninhabited by man but is the second largest gannet breeding…

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Star Wars films on Skellig Michael

Will The Jedi Return To An Isolated Irish Island On Sept 15?

Jedi, Wookies and Storm Troopers may be returning to the isolated monastic island of Skellig Michael in September. The islands have already had a 3-day visit from the cast and crew of the new Star Wars movie last August. That visit was the cause of much controversy when it turned out that the Navy had…

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