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eclipse record in newgrange

The Worlds Oldest Eclipse Record Was Discovered On A Carving In Kells

Illustrations that have been found on a Stone Age monument outside Kells are the world oldest recording of a solar eclipse in history. The carving records the solar eclipse of 3340 BC. The ancient Cairn is one of about 50 on the site and thousands across the island. Most have remained unexcavated and indeed it…

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trying to get out of slane

Guess What Happened When They Tried To Leave Slane!

Leaving a festival is mostly a chore; a big, slow moving, crush of people being given instructions over the loudspeaker. After the recent Foo Fighters concert in Slane this was the case at one exit with a Guard giving instructions. Then this happened! Good humour from the crowd – and great response from the Guard!

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