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Month: June 2015

a dolphin on a beach

Stranded Dolphins Escape Kerry Beach.

A pod of stranded Dolphins were helped back out to sea thanks to the efforts of a Kerry community. The dolphins were noticed near the entrance of Cloghane Estuary. A rescue attempt was co-ordinated by Dingle Ocean World. It involved dozens of members of the local community and took 4 hours. Thankfully the dolphins are…

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Glenloe 1894

Old Picture Of The Week: Glenoe, Co. Antrim

This picture of Glenoe was taken in 1894. It’s interesting in the fact that it gives an example of not only the village itself but also the people who lived there. Glen is situated halfway between Larne and Carrickfergus. Today has a population of just 87 people and is mostly know for it’s picturesque waterfall….

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shouty chef

CurseFest2015 Coming To Waterford

Waterford City council recently decided to take a strong line against “use [of]obscene or profane language” in their parks. As you might expect in Ireland it’s kind of backfired! The recently passed by-laws stated that “No person shall beg, gamble, use obscene or profane language, behave indecently or cause annoyance.” Also banned are having a…

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a still from the angelus on rte

The Angelus To Be Changed To Appeal To Non-Catholics

The ‘bongs’ at 6pm are a familiar sound to generations of Irish TV watchers. Now they are being overhauled to be more appealing to non-Catholics. The Angelus was originally a literal call on TV to Catholics to pray. The sound of the bells has been broadcast on TV at 6pm for generations – to the…

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gardai monitor a funeral

17 Armed Gardai Required To Prevent Violence At Traveller Funeral.

A Traveller Funeral in Tralee required the presence of 17 armed Gardai and detectives to prevent violent clashes between feuding families. A small number of Gardai were managing a threat posed by the long-running history between two families as Margaret O’Driscoll was lying in repose after losing a battle with illness earlier in the week….

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The emerald Isle Explorer

€3,000 A Ticket Steam Train Finishes Its First Journey Around Ireland.

The Age of Steam was relived with an expensive 7 day journey around Ireland. On the only train in the world that serves draught Guinness! The excursion was a pilot project by UK-based Steam Dreams, which offered tickets for a seven-day trip on the railways around Ireland. The trip took in Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Limerick,…

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a sample of the genealogical registration books

Huge Repository Of Genealogical Records Available Online Soon

The Catholic Church records in Ireland are going to be available online from this summer. And they’ll be free! The National Library of Ireland is to give free online access to its Catholic Church records collection online, from summer 2015. This will enable millions of people around the world to trace their roots in Ireland….

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2 lads try to explain the meaning of irish slang

Explaining Irish Slang Is Harder Than You Think!

Irish Slang. It’s a language to itself, one that non-Irish can find completely unintelligible. And it can be surprisingly difficult to explain the meaning to others. But these good people in Dublin give it a try. How well would you do in explaining it? And how surprised are you to find some of it even…

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the Irish Potato in Taiwan

Yes, An Irish-Themed Chipper DOES Exist. In Taiwan!

If you’re like most Irish people you probably think the only Irish-themed restaurant abroad are pubs. Well you’re wrong. Irelands Potato is a Taiwan based chipper with a mad mascot! Apart from the fact that they use Potato’s there does not seem to be much else that could possibly justify a link to Ireland. However…

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A Ryanair plane

Ryanair Refuse To Start Taxi Company.

Many of us have had the misfortune to arrive at the departure gate just as it closed. When it happens you look sadly at the airplane as it’s pushed away and just think “Why?” But one couple decided they still had time and ran to the runway to flag the Ryanair plane down! Matteo Clementi…

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