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Samhain: The Celtic Origin of Halloween

Halloween is now a huge international and commercial holiday. But did you know it has its origins as a millennias-old Celtic festival called Samhain? The festival of Samhain marked the end of the harvest and also the start of winter, with its long nights. The importance of this time has been recognised since pre-Christian times…

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traditional Irish saying

Traditional Blessings About Family & Friendships

Family and Friendship feature prominently in Irish culture. There are a number of blessings related to these and here are a small few…  

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approaching skellig Michael from the sea

Skellig Michael: One Of Just 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Ireland

Situated 12 kilometres off the Kerry coast, Skellig Michael is a 218m (715ft) high lump of exposed rock. It was also the site of a unique monastery for 600 years. The Skelligs Skellig Michael is one of two Skelligs. The other, The Little Skellig, is uninhabited by man but is the second largest gannet breeding…

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eclipse record in newgrange

The Worlds Oldest Eclipse Record Was Discovered On A Carving In Kells

Illustrations that have been found on a Stone Age monument outside Kells are the world oldest recording of a solar eclipse in history. The carving records the solar eclipse of 3340 BC. The ancient Cairn is one of about 50 on the site and thousands across the island. Most have remained unexcavated and indeed it…

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