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3 Reasons Why You Had To Work Today.

Unfortunately you have to work today because we failed to make The Day The Ice Age ended a holiday. But we’ve identified 3 reasons why we failed…

July 19 is the most momentous day in Irish history for reasons explained here.

Here at Ireland Calling we tried to get the day made a national holiday. Unfortunately we failed. But we’re not giving up!

A quick note: This is written on Monday July 20 and to clarify for anyone not in Ireland any holidays falling on a Sunday automatically transfer to the following Monday. So if July 19 had been a holiday then most people would be off today July 20, 2015.

We’ve identified three reasons why we failed and what we can do to make it a holiday by next year…

  1. Wrong Hashtag
    As everyone knows the most important thing in getting any social movement is to have the right hashtag. We used the hashtag #MakeItAHoliday. This was obviously not good enough.
  2. We Over-estimated Irish politicians
    We only started trying to campaign for this on July 13. A bit short notice admittedly but then Enda and the other European leaders had Greece pass a load of laws with just 1 days notice so we thought the Irish politicians could pass this simple one in 5 days. We over-estimated them.
  3. There Are No Father Ted Fans In Ireland
    Ok this is unlikely. Actually it’s not even realistic. Let’s just forget I even said it.

The Plan

So we have three reasons. What’s the plan?
Simple. We have a whole year now to try and promote this (maybe a little less because we still don’t know how long it takes an Irish politician to get things done). So we start now.

And the first thing on the agenda is to identify a new hashtag. Here are a few ideas;

  1. #July19
    What about July 19?
  2. #IceAgeEnded
    Shows one of the reasons to celebrate
  3. #GalwaysLiberationDay
    Another reason.

Those are three ideas but really we need to get more ideas. Please help out and give us some suggestions in the comments! With your hep we can get a holiday – and for a good reason!

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