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delorean in dublin

Back To The Future: Dublin Edition

Back To the Future Day has been and gone with much fanfare. But here’s a uniquely Dublin spin on the whole experience. By The Lightroom production company this might not resonate with many outside Ireland but it’s guaranteed to bring a laugh. It’s not only funny but has some great moments form the film itself….

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irish dancing origins

The True Meaning Of Irish Dancing Has Been Revealed

We all know the unique style of Irish Dance has conquered the world. But where and how did Irish Dance originate? The energy and rhythm in Irish Dance is elemental and affects people at their root. But, according to the theory in this video, that driving force is even more basic than we thought…  …

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maps of ireland and the uk

Do You Know Where Ireland or England Are? On A Map Of Ireland and The UK?

Identifying countries can be tricky. After all it’s a big world. But what about identifying Ireland and the UK on a map that contains only Ireland and the UK? Could Americans do it? Sadly we all know the answer before we even watch the video… (Just please don’t ask us to identify the individual states…

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discussing the differences between irish and American English

American English Vs. Irish English. This Hilarious Video Explains The Difference

We know that English is not English. But what are the differences between Irish English and American English? Let These Two Show You… The video was made by language app Smigin and features two of their employees; Austin from California and Saoirse from Ireland. I’m guessing it makes a lot more sense to Irish people…

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passing out on a Magaluf slingshot

A Girl Twice Passed Out On A Slingshot in Magaluf.

We’ve seen videos of parents freaking out on planes and roller-coasters. But this is the ultimate! These two girls were on holiday in Magaluf and decided to go on the sling shot. One was very scared – but it’s her composed friend who gave us the surprise. By passing out. Twice.   “FIONNUALA! I just…

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a day at ballyloughane beach Galway

Experience Ballyloughnane Beach Like A Galwegian In This Video

Two Irish-complexioned lads show just how long and shallow Ballyloguhnane beach in Galways is in this short but funny video. It’s claimed to be the longest and shallowest beach in the world. Just how wide and shallow it is can be seen in this satellite picture. This video by two strapping local lads shows what…

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The 4 Stages Of An Irish Summer – In Pictures

An Irish Summer is the stuff of legend. Here’s a full rundown of the 4 stages of an Irish summer experience in pictures. 90% Of It Is Like This For 90% of the time an Irish summer is rain. This can be summarised by these pictures and video   As an Italian astronaut has proven…

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father stone celebrates

3 Reasons Why You Had To Work Today.

Unfortunately you have to work today because we failed to make The Day The Ice Age ended a holiday. But we’ve identified 3 reasons why we failed… July 19 is the most momentous day in Irish history for reasons explained here. Here at Ireland Calling we tried to get the day made a national holiday….

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trying to get dressed while holding the towel

6 Easy Things Any Emigrant Can Do To Feel They’re Back In Ireland Again

For any Irish who may be homesick in America or elsewhere here’s a little list of 6 easy things you can do to help you feel home again. Burn an egg. Break an egg into a frying pan while taking great care not to break the yolk but, and this is important, failing. Then just…

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4 Reasons Why We Should Make July 19 An Irish Holiday

July 19th is possibly the most momentous day in Irish history. There are at least 4 reasons it should be a holiday… Despite the momentous history behind the day it often goes forgotten. Even Ted and Dougal had problems with it…   As we can see Ted and Dougal knew of only three reasons why…

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