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1 look for a safe place

Who Remembers The Safe Cross Code?

If you grew up during the 70’s you can probably still sing the whole of the Safe Cross Code; 1 look for a safe place, 2 don’t hurry stop and wait… During the 1970’s when Rte was the only channel throughout most of the country all children hear the Safe Cross Code. Using these six…

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ah shur I'm alive

Cork and Kerry Pingu – The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Pingu was a cartoon about a group of Penguins and they never spoke, just squawked. But now hear them speak for the first time -in Cork and Kerry accents! In this adventure the two penguins decide to make some popcorn but things go slightly wrong….

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child on the way

Irish ‘True Detective’ Star To Have First Child – At Age 55.

True Detective returned recently starring two Irish natives; Colin Farrell and Tim Murphy. Now Tim from Kerry has announced that he is to be a father for the first time. “I have a steady woman now, which is good, and we’re having a child in a couple of weeks,” he said. Now on our screens…

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admiring the dragon in Belfast zoo

Belfast Zoo Gets a Baby Dragon From Daenerys Targaryen.

There might be 3 dragons in Esteros but there’s also one in Belfast Zoo! For one day only a baby dragon can be found at Belfast Zoo. After that it presumably heads back to Esteros. The dragon is a fully animatronic model from the Game of Thrones TV show and it’s appearance is exciting fans….

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